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Harwood D Moore Sand and Gravel

Frank Bushika Sand and Gravel

Hutchinson Sand and Gravel Co

Vincent Sand and Gravel

John S Lane and Son Inc

J Donovan and Son

Lee Lime Corp

Lee White Marble Quarry

Abby and Sons Inc

Williams Stone Co

Potter Mine/Maple Hill/Hudson/Maffat Mines

Cone Limestone Mine/Goodrich/11 Other Mines

Belden Mine

Truman Andrews Mine/Bacon/Lovelace/Andrews Mines

Branch Mine

Shaker Mine

Colby Mine

Dixon Mine

Bennett Prospect

Bliss Mine/Jagger Mine

Dalton Plant

Lenox Dale Plant

Pfizer Inc

Donovan Blacktop Service Inc

Nat Beacco and Sons

Tremper Mine

Abby Pit

Talc Prospect

North Adams Lime Quarry

Lenox Dale Plant

Dalton Pit /Genrl Sand & Stone

Beacco Pit

North Adams Lime Quarry

Truman Andrews Mine

Maffat Mine

Branch Mine

Adams Plant

Gaston Pit

United States Gypsum Co Quarry

Horn Pit

Adams Pit

Hudson Mine

Cleveland Mine

Simonds Road Pit

Cone Mine

Berkshire Quarry

Lonzo Reeds Prospect

Chester Pit

East Lee Pit

Lee Quarry and Mill

Cheshire Pit

Goodrich Mine

Eastern Gravel

Adams Quarry & Plant Pfizer Inc

Vincent Pit & Plnt Pittsfield S&G

Leet Mine

Hinsdale Pit

Bliss Mine

Toby Lime Plant

Spurr Prospect

Werden Mine

Belden Mine

Donovan Pit & Mill

General Sand and Stone Pit

No 6 Quarry & Plnt Lane & Son

Klondike Mine

Jagger Mine

Nolan Pit

Curran Highway Pit

Cheshire Pit

Cheshire Pit

Mill River Pit

Tremper Mine

Maple Hill Prospect

Lovelace Mine

Lee Marble Inc Qy & Plant

Mercer Pit

Carr Mine

Potter Mine

Shaker Mine

Cook Mine

Cheever Mines

Andrews Mine

Bennett Prospect

Dalton Pit

Talc Quarry

Bacon Mine

Colby Mine

New England Lime Company Quarry

Berkshire Pit

Hotchkiss Mine

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