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Palmer Sand and Gravel Pit

Parma Sandstone Exposure

Bill Smith Sand and Gravel Co. Pit

Hawkins Limestone Quarry

Jude Stone Quarry

Jeffrey Quarry and Mill

Whittaker and Gooding Co. Pit

Napoleon Sandstone Quarry

Peninsular Port.Cement Co Clay Pit

Mellen Camp Pit & Mill

Pickett & Schreur Inc. Pit

Pickett & Schreur Inc. Pit

Spring Arbor Limestone Quarry

Am Vitrified Prod Co Clay Shale Pit

Zenith Portland Cement Co Clay Pit

Portage River Limestone Quarry

Grass Lake Pit No. 1

Jude Sandstone Quarry

Am Vitr Prod Co Clay Shale Quarry

Grand Ledge Clay Shale Pit

Stevick Pit & Mill

Parma Sandstone Outcrop

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