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Black Rose Prospect

Rio Puerco Mine

Washington Mine

Albemarle Mine

Cochiti District

Crown Point Mine

Lone Star Mine

Blue Sky Prospect

Capulin Peak Mine

Las Huertas Barite Prospect

Morningstar Prospect

Cuba Manganese District

Landers Mine

Jicarilla Apache Mine

Manual Ruiz

Archuleta Pit

Campbell Farming Corporation Pit

Clod Buster No. 1

Grevey Pit

San Felipe Pueblo Pit

Santa Ana Pit

U.S. Forest Service Mine

Butler Brothers Mine

Collins Mine

Landsend Prospect

Chalcocite Prospect

Corral #3 Mine

Taylor Mine

Capulin Peak Prospect

Montezuma Mines

San Miguel Mine

Iron King Mine

Pena Blanca Pit

White Mesa Mine

Pit Number 61-48-S

San Antonio Springs

Ace Claims

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

N. E. Soda Dam Prospect

Benson Claim

De Dos Gordos Prospect

Gravel Pit

Las Huertas Deposit

Little Mollie

Buckeye Claim

Victo Group


Jewell Prospect

Tip Top Lode

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

Two Gravel Pits

Smuggler Lode

Lib Claims

Minerals and Chemicals Group

Pumice Group

Pit Number 71-10-S

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

San Ysidro Hot Springs

Morris - Peters Prospect No 2

Pit Number 61-34-S

T. S. Kline Lode

Borrow Pit

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

Eureka Mesa Quarry

Gravel Pit

Sunny South Lode

Gravel Pit

Strip Mine

Missing Link Claim

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

We Hope Claims

Gravel Pit

Pit Number 60-9-S


Black Girl

Pyramid Pumice Mine

Las Huertas Copper Prospects

Last Chance Number Two

R W Woodbury Mill

Indian Springs

Nacimiento Copper Mine

B. and G. Prospect

Pit Number 64-56-S

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

Fenton Hill Gt-2 and Ee-1

Pit Number 79-5-S

Section 25 Prospects

Gravel Pit

Pit Number 75-11-S

Cossak Millsite

Gravel Pit

Laura S. Claim

Daisy Mine


Sulphur Bank Group

Monument Lode

Kolosa Placer Claim

Last Chance Lode

Crown Point

Pit Number 60-62-S

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

Victo - Rovo - Novo Group

Gravel Pit Group

Goodner Section 24 and 25 Mine

Pumice Mine

Gravel Pit

Pit Number 67-16-S

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

Denver Girl Group

Goodner Section 11 Prospect

Peacock Nos 1 & 2

Polka Dot Uranium Group

Steam Well

Gravel Pit Group

Gravel Pit

Pit Number 58-75-S

Crummy Number One Prospect

Cuba Pit

Gravel Pit

Mata Claims

Uncle Joe Number Two

Unnamed Uranium Prospects

San Miguel

Atkinson Co. Quarry

Giant Claim

Valle Grande Pumice Mine

Midnight Lode

Don Number 11

Puzzle Claim

Monte Carlo Lode

Kaseman Number One

B. P. Hovey Ranch Prospect

Pumice Group

Dec Claims

Steam Well

Borrow Pit

Jonas Pumice and Gypsum

Ellen L.

Unnamed Uranium Prospect

Pumice Mines

Rinehart Mines

A Placer

Santa Barbara Group

Pit Number 58-83-S

Borrow Pit

Yellow Cliffs Group

Butler Bros

Pumice Group

Pit Number 78-2-S

Kaseman Number Two

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