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New Baltimore Mine


Mono Kearsarge


Silver Hope

Ophir Hill Or Ophir

Dugway Property

Ben Harrison Mine

Yellow Hammer - Queen Bee

Limestone Quarry

Jumbo Mines

Ironsides Shafts

Wanda Shafts

Black Maria #2

Black Crow Claim

Intrusive No. 2 Claim

Limestone Quarry

Limestone Quarry

Limestone Quarry

Iron King Mine

Ut. Dept of Hwys, Pit No 23141

Ut. Dept. of Hwys Pit No 23143

Ut. Dept. Hwys. Pit No. 23145

Ut. Dept. of Hwys. Pit No. 23144

Unknown Prospect

Calcite Quarry

West Dugway Range Pit No. 1

New Park Mine

Belcher Hill

Kim W Mine

Udoh Pit No. 23158

Oro Del Rey Mine

Eagles Nest Mine

Goshute Canyon Property

Silver Queen Property

Unknown Prospect

Gravel Pit

Unknown Prospects

Borrow Pit

Borrow Pit

Borrow Pit

Gravel Pit

Limestone Prospect

Best Western Motel Cuts

Sand and Gravel Pit

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23021 & 23020

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23016

Utah Dept Highways Gravel Pit 23015

Utah Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23013

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23012

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23009

Unknown Plant

Quincy Spring Sand Dunes

Mills Junction Section of Great Salt Lake

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit No. 23005

Mills Junction Gravel Pit #3

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23008

Ut. Dept Hwys Gravel Pits 23104

Knolls Gypsite Dunes

Knolls Sand Dunes

Ut. Dept. of Hwys, Pit No 23075

Ut. Dept. of Hwys Pit No 23074

Hastings Pass Nw Mine

Hastings Pass Nw Quarry

Aragonite Quarry North

Se Aragonite Quarry

Hastings Pass Sw Prospect

Hastings Pass SE Prospect

Hasting Pass South Prospect

Hastings Pass Sand Dunes

Hastings Pass Gravel

Grantsville Pit No. 8

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23036

Grantsville Gravel Pit No. 6

Grantsville Gravel Pit #4

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23033

Ut. Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23037

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23038

Burmester Section of Great Salt Lake

Ut Dept Hwys Gravel Pit 23007

Aragonite Se Gravel

Aragonite Gravel

Unknown Prospects

Ut. Dept. of Hwys Gravel Pit 23119

Pony Express Road Borrow Pit

Barrow Pits

Sand and Gravel Pit

Utah Dept Hwys Gravel Pit No. 23090

Great Blue Prospect No. 1

Ussr and M South Prospect

South Thorpe Hills Adit

Rush Valley No. 1 Gravel Pits

Unnamed Prospect

Hickman Knolls Gravel

Unknown Quarry

Tabbys Peak Se Gravel

Wig Mtn Sand Dunes

Wig Mtn Ne Gravel

Wildcat Mtn Se Sand Dunes

Wildcat Mtn Se Subsurface Brines

Badger Island Gravel Pit #1

Ut. Dept. of Hwys Pit No 23056

Badger Island Brine

Badger Island Section of Prospect Mt. Quartzite

Badger Island Oolitic Sands

Rowley Plant

Peepstone Canyon Prospects

Craner Foothills Prospects

Marblehead Quarry

Craner Peak Oolite

Unknown Mine



Silver Prince No. 6

Unknown Mine



White Elephant Group Mines

Cool Day No. 1 Claim

Diatom Gulch

Big Canyon Aragonite

Plug Peak Nw Section of Big Cottonwood Series

Puddle Valley Gravel

Subsurface Brines

Bonneville Racetrack Subsurface Brines

Utah Highway Dept. Pit No. 23054

Utah Highway Dept. Pit No. 23053

Stansbury South Pit No. 1

Corral Canyon Brine

Corral Canyon Section of Stansbury Fm.

Corral Canyon Section of Oolitic Sand

Horseshoe No. 1 Claim

Horizontal Adit No. 1

Black Mt. South Claims

Ut. Dept of Hwys Gravel Pit #23089

Subsurface Brines

Ut Highway Dept. Pit No. 23108

Leppy Peak Sand Dunes

Broad Canyon Gravel Pit

Plug Peak Brine

Poverty Point Gravel Pit

Poverty Point Section of Great Salt Lake

Ut. Dept. Highways Gravel Pit 23085

West Grassy Ridge Sand Dunes

Millard Canyon Group



Unknown Prospect

Tetzlaff Peak Sand Dunes

Tetzlaff Peak Subsurface Brines

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